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Better Homes & Gardens | Heating Vent Organizer

For the most part, heating & air-conditioning has become more modern, leaving those beautiful and ornate metal vent covers to collect dust in basements, attics, or trash bins. But if you happen to stumble upon one, here are two nifty ideas to display their beautiful design.

Screw one into your wall to hold magazines, newspapers, mails, file folders, or stationary. This particular one was placed outside on a porch to hold the daily newspaper, but you can easily bring it into your home. Feel free to paint the grate if you desire, or just leave it naturally rustic.

Another idea for these beautiful vents is to screw them onto the rungs of an old ladder. You can use the vents as ornate shelves on the ladder. Perch the ladder against the wall of your craft room, living room, home office, bedroom, bathroom, screened-in back porch, or to hold dishes in your kitchen. Add some white Christmas lights around the rungs legs of the ladder for an added decorative touch.

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